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Fun with Stats, January 2009 Edition

Original entry posted: Thu Jan 29 16:06:53 2009

Matt @ Thu Jan 29 12:47:03 2009 EST

I love that last one.

BTW, the worst Eyes Wide Shut deleted scene is the entire movie. Or maybe I'm just hoping the entire movie can be deleted from my brain. What I'm trying to say is that it was terrible.

Thomas @ Fri Jan 30 08:26:49 2009 EST

It's all just a blur of Tom Cruise and strategically placed feathers to me.

wheat @ Mon Feb 2 15:50:03 2009 EST

I thought it was okay if--like all of Kubrick's stuff--a bit pseudo-profound. I made the mistake once, at a place where I used to work, of saying that I didn't hate it and this got morphed into it somehow being my favorite movie ever.

Thomas @ Mon Feb 2 15:52:17 2009 EST

That's just what someone who thought Eyes Wide Shut is their favorite movie ever would say.

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