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Crowd Control

Original entry posted: Thu Dec 22 15:07:38 2005

zephyr @ Thu Dec 22 10:05:05 2005 EST

Hey Tom try looking here

If you have already sunk 300$ into it you shouldn't be afraid to spend under 100$ to fix it. (Although you can buy a real new one for about 450.00)

Some EMG pickups would sound great in those.,_pickups/Pickups:_Bass,_electric/3/EMG_Select_Bass_Pickups.html

I used those pickups in the last bass I built and even upgraded an old bass to them since i liked them so much.

Good luck!

Thomas @ Thu Dec 22 10:07:38 2005 EST

Zephyr, I'm moving your comment to the previous entry since I think you probably clicked here by mistake--unless you did it for the irony of going off-topic in my comment moderation post. In which case that's pretty funny.

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