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How do you say "coming up roses" in French?

Original entry posted: Thu Nov 10 06:35:57 2005

Tony @ Wed Oct 12 14:55:55 2005 EST

Have fun overseas, man. I'm jealous!

pseudonymous @ Wed Oct 12 16:34:21 2005 EST

Enjoy France! The French are terrifically bad about curbing their dogs. Watch your step. Attempt some French. They appreciate it. See everything you can. Enjoy it all. Have a terrific time. Congrats on the successes.

Veronique @ Thu Nov 10 01:32:50 2005 EST

How do u say coming up roses in french?

Veronique @ Thu Nov 10 01:35:57 2005 EST

How do you say coming up roses
in french?

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