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Original entry posted: Thu Mar 15 00:37:53 2007

Johnny Pi @ Fri Mar 9 21:00:39 2007 EST

Just responding to your comment here - figure it's a better way than putting it on my own blog where it might never be seen.

I couldn't actually find that Ibanez to which you referred. I'll try to look for some of the other guitars you mentioned.

As for Tom, from what I've read in interviews all of his guitars are modified with a kill switch - none of them have it standard. Well, maybe some of his backups, but he still plays with all his old stuff that he messed around with himself.

I wonder what you might be able to do with the same functionality on a bass? You could take that as a challenge.

Nice comment protection by the way. Except I can't seem to see what word is in the bubble. Every time I try to look I get a headache.

Panda McGee @ Wed Mar 14 20:37:53 2007 EST

I keep reading this over and over again for some reason. Must mean I miss you.

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