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Recovery Plan

Original entry posted: Mon Apr 6 17:30:21 2009

Matt @ Tue Mar 31 09:53:05 2009 EST

I often dictate to my cats. Of course that's why my blog never gets updated. Jarvis still hasn't figured out how to sign in.

Thomas @ Tue Mar 31 10:17:36 2009 EST

Brings new meaning to the command "mousegrid."

Josh @ Tue Mar 31 12:53:51 2009 EST

Yeah, at my last job the pain got so bad that went to a physical therapist. I was losing hours of work a day and it was quite honestly a bit scary. Without the use of my hands, I'm pretty much just annoying voice.

I'd recommend an actual PT to anyone who hasn't gone. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel once, but I think now it was a misdiagnosis. I actually get tendonoses (sp?), which is similar in a lot ways, but the treatment is completely different. A wide range of stretches and a healthy regiment of pain killers later, and I'm more or less in control of it now. Same as you, I'll feel the twinges, take a break, do some stretches, watch my posture. Hasn't been much of a problem since.

Thomas @ Tue Mar 31 15:56:02 2009 EST

I probably ought to give a PT a shot. Or when I was at the Bank, should have gone to one of the ergonomics consultants. Missed opportunity, I guess.

The worst this ever got, I was in my senior year of college, so I was writing a ton of papers. I was just learning bass, so I was probably practicing for 20 hours a week. And my roommate and I were in the middle of a fierce Dreamcast MvC2 competition. It got so bad I could barely move my right hand. Ever since then, I've been a lot more careful.

Josh @ Wed Apr 1 11:32:46 2009 EST

Ergonomics is weird. My therapist told me to make sure to have a towel or jacket around so that I could shove it in a chair to give some lumbar support and force me to sit up straight. Mice and keyboard, apparently not really my problem. "The splint isn't really doing anything", she said - because it wasn't really CT.

wheat @ Thu Apr 2 15:25:01 2009 EST

I've had good luck with ibuprofen, B12, and (counter-intuitively) weight training. The biggest thing for me was changing how I play bass--learning to press less hard with the fretting hand and use my back and shoulder muscles, rather than my wrist, to fret the strings.

That said, I do just as you do and cut down on all repeat-stress inducing behaviors when I feel any pain.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 2 17:58:14 2009 EST

Is it your fretting hand the one that gives you trouble?

I tend to gravitate toward really low action, so that's never been as much a problem for me as the right hand--the same fingers get used for clicking/plucking/gaming, and I think my nerves get a little pinched on the body of the bass.

Troy Goodfellow @ Fri Apr 3 17:57:02 2009 EST

Another vote for physical therapy. My wife has recurring issues and her last really serious bout needed regular physio work and - most importantly - a lot of sleep. The body can do quite a bit of healing when it is well rested.

Thomas @ Sat Apr 4 11:22:57 2009 EST

She wouldn't be able to recommend someone in VA or DC, would she?

Troy Goodfellow @ Sat Apr 4 12:47:53 2009 EST

She got someone through Kaiser, and the PT only took referrals from our HMO.

My wife does recommend the latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking (as well as an ergonomic mouse) if the problem is persistent. She's done dictation for years, and the software just keeps getting better.

Thomas @ Sat Apr 4 14:13:26 2009 EST

Thanks. I got the mouse in today, so hopefully that'll help. And I'll see about the software. But for what I do, and where I work, it's probably not really an option.

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