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These Are the Fables

Original entry posted: Tue Jun 5 01:22:48 2007

Brinstar @ Tue Jun 5 13:50:36 2007 EST

I can identify with that love-hate feeling. I just write about the game-related stuff that pops into my head. I got linked by a couple of MMORPG blogs, but I wonder whether that will be short-lived because MMORPGs aren't the only sorts of games that interest me. It's similar for other topics I write about.

You could camp out right next to that couple (and their dog) who seemingly have been living in front of the White House since forever. Are they still there?

Lucretius @ Tue Jun 5 15:18:06 2007 EST

Even I get that way with my images. After a while I wonder if I've done as much as I need to do or as much I'm going to do anyway. It's natural, just give yourself time off when that happens. I find myself thirsting for it after a while and going back for enjoyment not out of obligation. It all works out!

Thomas @ Tue Jun 5 16:57:22 2007 EST

B: But you know, you have other outlets that you use to write about other topics. I think I would be less worried about it if I did so instead of putting everything here, but I'd probably update each site a lot less frequently.

I don't know about that couple. I remember that there's a crazy woman who's been there for about 25 years now--Concepcion Piccotto. If she's still around, I'd camp next to her.

L: Bingo.

Thomas @ Tue Jun 5 17:00:10 2007 EST

I guess what I was trying to say, at root, is that I often have no idea why anyone is reading this in the first place. I'm not fishing for compliments when I say that, and in fact I'd rather that people didn't answer. The answers that I already think I know influence me enough already, much less if I had actual feedback.

Lucretius @ Tue Jun 5 18:58:09 2007 EST

BTW: You think you have stress with this whole Lance dealie? I'm linked on a site that's linked to Lance's! Now that's pressure! Jeez, you'd think it was yo- wait ... oh...

Your site. Forgot that.

Now relaaaaax. ;-)

Brinstar @ Tue Jun 5 20:26:58 2007 EST

Thomas: That's true. At times it does feel like maintaining more than one blog is a lot of effort. I've gotten lazy about updating one blog or another at times. Having said that, I do personally prefer having different spaces for my writing, though the personal blog sometimes intersects with the games blog.

Oh yeah, that's the lady. I thought I'd seen a guy there once, + dog? One of my temp jobs had me walking past that spot everyday for 3 months.

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