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Downstream: Transmorphers

Original entry posted: Wed Feb 18 03:03:35 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Feb 19 10:27:12 2009 EST

I hate to give a thumbs-up to such a blatant case of adding value through corporate collusion, but yeah, the streaming is awesome. Just having both Helvetica, Dark Days, the original Pulse and the first season of 30 Rock, all right there is... so great.

wheat @ Thu Feb 19 12:03:48 2009 EST

I think you should do books this way, too. Though you can use page numbers instead of time. If you do, please do Hot, Flat, & Crowded, because I'm bored of reading it and can only imagine the heights of snark you would bring to it.

Thomas @ Fri Feb 20 08:36:10 2009 EST

It's tempting to do it for Friedman, but it'd take a long time. I think Belle would kill me for ranting and raving as I wrote.

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