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Original entry posted: Thu Jul 5 16:26:08 2007

Chris @ Thu Jul 5 13:59:59 2007 EST

Perhaps this will be of interest...

Thomas @ Thu Jul 5 14:10:33 2007 EST

Hm. We can hope.

Chris P @ Thu Jul 5 16:28:36 2007 EST

I saw this movie as well. While I agree that there should be a universial health care system, I don't know how we can afford it when we have already spent over half a trillion dollars on the war in Iraq with no end in sight. It should be noted that Canada can afford it because their military costs are virtually non-existent compared to the US and the average American acts like this:

Another problem is that he rails against government corruption at the beginning of the film and then his solution is more government.

Chris P @ Thu Jul 5 16:29:40 2007 EST

Sorry, I realize I had a meandering argument there...

Thomas @ Thu Jul 5 16:56:22 2007 EST

Not all government is corrupt government.

As for your first comment, that's why we should bring the troops home now.

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