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Movie Review: Everything Is Illuminated

Original entry posted: Wed Aug 20 21:45:47 2008

Corvus @ Wed Aug 20 13:07:43 2008 EST

Great commentary, Thomas. I thought this movie was extraordinarily underrated and I still find myself thinking about it to this day (I watched it when it was first released to video).

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Mon Aug 25 11:08:20 2008 EST

I haven't read "Extremely Loud..." but it sounds like it was significantly worse than EiI, which I do recommend. The magical realist sections are actually quite solid---his move into hipster pretension only happened after EiI hit it big---and the road trip sections are genuinely funny (the broken language works quite well on the page).

I haven't seen the movie, actually, precisely because it looked like it had been turned into a quirky indie-comedy, but... but maybe I should give it a shot.

Thomas @ Mon Aug 25 11:18:01 2008 EST

It's a short flick, so if you decide you don't like it, at least you're not out much time. But I teared up a little.

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