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The Dark of the Matinee

Original entry posted: Sun Jun 17 21:01:41 2007

Josh @ Mon Jun 18 08:42:51 2007 EST

Comparing Uwe's work and the average SciFi sat matinee could probably be thesis work on its own. The latter is clearly just cheap training ground material that cashes (heavily - those flicks roll in money oddly enough considering I've never met anyone who has watched one) in on SF's ability to gather B and C list actors on a free Saturday. Just got done shooting Stargate? How about hanging around for a couple hours to shoot Mansquito?

Boll, on the other hand, isnt training. This is just as good as he'll get. And his nearly vampiric ability to get well known actors to step in front of his cameras is nearly hypnotic enough to entice you to watch.

Then things like neglecting what time of day it is - a grand B-movie trick from the Ed Wood days of the genre - remind you it probably isnt worth it.

Oddly, though, I thought House of the Dead was better than Alone. Granted, this is a bit like wondering if Hamms Lite or Hamms Ice is a better beer.

Perhaps there's something about Uwe that grows on you though, like the last movie you see seems better than the last. To prove this theory, though, I'd have to see Bloodrayne.

Not sure I'm up to that.

Thomas @ Mon Jun 18 09:18:25 2007 EST

Actually, I was stunned to see that Mansquito (when I finally got around to watching it) starred Parker Lewis, he who Can't Lose. Nice to see that he's still getting work.

This article in Wired on how Sci Fi got started funding creature features is an interesting starting point. I'm not sure that they're actually offering the social commentary that they think they're offering, but nothing's perfect.

pseudonymous @ Mon Jun 18 09:49:59 2007 EST

Corin Nemec's still alive?

Thomas @ Mon Jun 18 09:51:25 2007 EST

I know! Amazing, huh?

pseudonymous @ Mon Jun 18 11:21:48 2007 EST

Good for him. I liked "Parker Lewis." It was much better than that Ferris Bueller series.

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