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Slice of Life

Original entry posted: Mon Sep 17 14:33:38 2007

Andrew MacIntyre @ Mon Sep 17 13:18:16 2007 EST

Checking the sites from my job here at dell xps support. Also wondering if you ever checked out Dave Cooper's Ripple, Crumple, and Suckle series. Very bizarre interaction between a lonely man and the ugliest woman he can find to be the inspiration of a series of artwork he's been commissioned to create. He eventually finds her beautiful to the point where he lets her abuse him, but she shows humanity now and then as well. Ya ain't heard the last from me! ""

Thomas @ Mon Sep 17 16:35:44 2007 EST

Haven't seen those, but I'll take a look.

They're still letting you onto the Internet uncontrolled? Sweet heavens above.

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