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Since I Found Serenity

Original entry posted: Fri Dec 22 20:00:29 2006

Corvus @ Thu Dec 21 15:25:39 2006 EST

Some of us Browncoats are absolutely flummoxed by all you people's love of BG, so that's all right then.

Brinstar @ Thu Dec 21 15:38:55 2006 EST

Wait. What if I never saw Cowboy Bebop?

The fact that they speak in Mandarin but there are no Chinese people around confuses me. It's not like every other space TV show or film really excels in the diversity aspect, but with Firefly... I thought the background was that China and the US had pioneered the whole colonisation of the galaxy? China is more populous than the US, so... Wouldn't it stand to reason that there would be more Chinese people or people of Chinese descent in the Firefly universe?

Josh @ Thu Dec 21 15:42:31 2006 EST

As a series, Firefly really shines after "Train Job" as much as before. The two premiere is setup and backstory and Train Job is warmup (I'm assuming you're watching the DVDs so that the story is told in the correct order).

If you still aren't sold by "Shindig" - I doubt you ever will be (akin to my "If you don't like the first Locke episode of Lost ... just stop watching). But since this sounds like your second viewing ... shrug?

Personally, "Ariel" and "Out Of Gas" are some of the finest hours of television I've ever seen. Firefly ranks up there with Sports Night for me.

BG is great - but it's a different great. I don't enjoy the character study as much on BG. I enjoy the grit and the drama and the conflicts - but the character development feels more melodramatic to me.

Thomas @ Thu Dec 21 16:19:07 2006 EST

Corvus: I see elements of what makes Galactica good in Firefly--the decision to not make squeaky clean spaceships, for example. I wonder if there was an influence there, beyond Ronald Moore's disenchantment with Star Trek, I mean.

Brinstar: What's your excuse for not watching Bebop, then? That's about as good as anime gets. As for the Chinese thing, I'm trying not to be judgemental, but there's a hint of the trendy Chinese character t-shirt about it. I know that this probably wasn't intentional, but there is a degree of tension when a crew of mostly white people occupying the role of Confederate secessionists (albeit futuristic ones) appropriate an Asian language. Not to mention that I've known a lot of bilingual people, and very few of them drop into a non-native tongue to curse.

Josh: I actually only made it through "Train Job" and "Bushwacked" before. I skipped "Serenity," for reasons that I can't remember now. I see glimmers of what you're talking about in "Bushwacked," where the dialog is really snappy (I love the interrogations, especially Wash's description of Zoe).

I guess if I had to describe this series, Firefly comes across as pulp. It's not bad pulp, but it fits the archetypes, perhaps because it is drawing so heavily on westerns. I feel like Galactica's trying for more, and maybe that's why it comes across as melodramatic.

Corvus @ Fri Dec 22 11:40:54 2006 EST

Oh, it's total pulp and hoped to maintain that disguise against any amount of casual inspection. And yet... you can tell by the end of the season that Joss was really planning on growing the characters in solid and meaningful ways. Too bad he didn't get the chance.

It is curious how solidly white his shows are though. I hope he takes that criticism to heart on his next project, whatever that may be.

Admittedly, I only watched a limited amount of BSG but I found the writing to be pretty atrocious and peppered with cliches that were stale when the original show was on the air, and the performances felt mostly hollow. The "trying for more" that you and many others seem to enjoy registered as pretense with me, not melodrama.

Odd how people can have such disparate views on things, isn't it? Now get on with that "I Hate Ocarina of Time" post. I want to see if your hatred of it synchs with my apathy for it. ;)

Enjoy your holiday!

Brinstar @ Fri Dec 22 13:45:44 2006 EST

I don't have anything to say in my defense about not having seen Cowboy Bebop! Maybe I should make this my one of my anime priorities for next year.

Thomas @ Fri Dec 22 15:00:29 2006 EST

Whedon's next project is Wonder Woman, right? Hard to avoid a lot of whiteness on that one, I think...

Thomas @ Fri Dec 22 15:04:54 2006 EST

But still, it's not like we need to pit Galactica and Firefly against one another. I think there's room for both, and it is a shame that it was cancelled--even if I have complaints, it's better than, say, third and fourth season Alias.

Did you watch Galactica from the beginning? Belle couldn't stand it for months, and then we watched the miniseries together, and she was hooked. She ended up going through the next two seasons in less than a couple months. I still say that the first episode after the miniseries, "33," is one of the best bits of televisin' I've ever seen.

Thomas @ Fri Dec 22 15:14:28 2006 EST

Can't... stop... commenting...

I'm not far enough in Zelda yet to feel like I can fully list what I don't like about it. I think I'll have that post ready closer to the 28th, when I go back to work.

Josh @ Fri Dec 22 18:14:49 2006 EST

There's only one real similarity between BSG and Firefly - they're both genre fiction written for an audience who may have grown up with Star Wars and Star Trek - but have also grown past them.

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