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Television Week, Part 1: The Precipice

Original entry posted: Tue Oct 10 04:00:00 2006

Josh @ Tue Oct 10 15:47:44 2006 EST

Tigh is definately getting the most out of the new angles on these characters. It's almost like he's found his calling - and it's a bit spooky. Instead of being a somewhat dark persona forced to put on a uniform and play nice and be responsible - he's now a dark persona whose sole responsibility is to be dark.

I think if Tigh makes his way back to the Galactica, he'll be a much different force to deal with than the officer most had written on off as a drunk.

Thomas @ Tue Oct 10 16:21:07 2006 EST

The command dynamic when the Adamas return will definitely be interesting.

I have a feeling, however, that Tigh may not survive to see it.

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