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Summer Streaming

Original entry posted: Thu Aug 15 23:57:32 2013

Matt @ Fri Aug 16 06:45:54 2013 EST

I was telling Kim the other day that with Orange is the New Black, which we both loved; House of Cards, which we were OK with; and Arrested Development, which had at least two or three solid episodes, Netflix is actually pretty strong with the original programming. We won't speak of Hemlock Grove, though. It looks and sounds terrible.

I'm still a little annoyed that movies seem to appear and disappear randomly from our queue. I went to watch Insidious again after seeing The Conjuring and discovered it was gone.

Thomas @ Fri Aug 16 09:57:00 2013 EST

I've seen the first episode of Hemlock Grove. It's worth watching if you've ever asked yourself, how bad could it be if someone ripped off Twilight and tried to turn it into the world's worst murder mystery instead of sexy sparkletimes?

Spoiler: it would be very, very bad. But hey: as batting averages go, one travesty for four originals is still about as good as FX does most years. At least they didn't hire Charlie Sheen.

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