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Downstream: Antibody

Original entry posted: Wed Mar 18 02:36:27 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Mar 18 13:34:26 2009 EST

Poor, poor Lance Henrickson. The guy has been the best thing in bad movies for *decades*! Have you ever seen "Pumpkinhead"? It's a terrible 80s monster movie, not saved by an incredibly good performance from the always-incredibly-good Henrickson. I've often wondered how you combine the seeming indifference to your work needed to do so many bad movies, with the visible commitment to your work needed to always be very good in them.

Thomas @ Wed Mar 18 14:21:44 2009 EST

True, he's usually a hard worker--him, Samuel L. Jackson, and Udo Kier fall into that category. But I've seen him slumber through jobs before: ironically, the Sci-Fi channel's Pumpkinhead sequel was one of them.

Man's got to pay the rent, I guess. I respect that.

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