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All You Zombies

Original entry posted: Tue Jul 5 23:28:43 2005

Brinstar @ Tue Jul 5 16:12:08 2005 EST

I've seen the remake of Dawn of the Dead, but I haven't seen the others. I do like horror movies, though. I don't suppose I have to see them all before watching Land of the Dead?

Zombie movies make you think about what you would do in that situation. There was this meme/quiz floating around on the internet several months ago which judge your chances to survive a zombie infestation, based on your decisions, such as whether to take survivors you see along the way with you, whether to kill an infected companion right away, or let him/her live until the disease manifested, etc... It was a fun/interesting. My quiz result said that I would survive, though I didn't get the highest score. I think you scored higher if you knew how to use a gun and such.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 5 16:22:57 2005 EST

You don't have to have seen the previous movies at all, I'm sure, to enjoy Land of the Dead. Night is quite a different beast than the others, and probably the best of the bunch. Day is generally considered the weakest, although I enjoyed it. But having seen the Dawn remake, which was quite good, you'll be fine.

I always wanted the Zombie Survival Handbook, but having flipped through it at a Waldenbooks I was less than impressed. Personally, I think characters who know how to use guns are more likely to die in a zombie flick--they're much more likely to try to stay and fight, and that is not the correct response to the undead hordes.

If you can find a link to that quiz, I'd like to take it, though.

Brinstar @ Tue Jul 5 19:28:43 2005 EST

Found it!

One of my friends got the top category, which both impresses me and scares me. At least, if we were stuck in a zombie situation, I'd know that we'd probably both live. Although, if I became infected, I'd hate to know what she answered for the relevant question. :-P

Thomas @ Wed Jul 6 09:41:20 2005 EST

I'm a survivor, just barely.

I've got my reservations about some of the questions, though. How much stuff does this guy want you to be carrying when you're running from the undead masses?

Madmunk @ Wed Jul 6 09:57:50 2005 EST

Well, they do have you pick up transportation. I just imagined throwing everything in the back of my pickup.

As it is, I've got a hurley by the door and a record collection that could use some thinning in the event of a zombie invasion.

"It's not hip-hop. It's electro."

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