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Vendetta Vetted

Original entry posted: Thu Mar 2 17:57:30 2006

Josh @ Thu Mar 2 12:57:30 2006 EST

I have hopes for V, but I'm going to hold off from reading the comic until after I see the movie. I prefer to be post-disappointed than pre-hyped.

The W Bros. have a lot of making up to do after the last two Matrix flicks, imo

Thomas @ Thu Mar 2 15:09:16 2006 EST

I'm re-reading it now. It's funny how I imagine which parts I would cut if I were making the movie as I go.

Patrick @ Thu Mar 2 19:44:12 2006 EST

I'm hoping its good, the graphic novel was pretty amazing, though I did read it on drugs when I was 19.

Brinstar @ Thu Mar 2 21:36:29 2006 EST

One of my friends is going to let me borrow V, so I'll be reading that before seeing the film.

Another friend (who works at a cinema) has already seen V for Vendetta, and he says it was "awesome" but quite different from the graphic novel. Regardless, he gives it a positive review.

Thomas @ Thu Mar 2 23:31:12 2006 EST

Patrick: It is pretty good while not on drugs, also.

Brin: That's good to hear. Maybe the changes are why Moore took his name off it.

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