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The Power of the Darth Side

Original entry posted: Tue Jun 28 18:24:38 2005

Madmunk @ Tue Jun 28 14:24:38 2005 EST

The analogy is a good one, but you'll forgive me if my aesthetic sensibilities are offended by the analogy: fanfic : Lucas :: Stoppard : Shakespeare.

Thomas @ Tue Jun 28 14:27:20 2005 EST

Well, if it makes you any happier, the analogy should not be taken to imply that Lucas == Shakespeare. Not sure where I stand on Stoppard.

Madmunk @ Tue Jun 28 15:54:03 2005 EST

The Monk is pleased to hear your disclaimer. He is also pleased to discuss his feelings in the third person.

If you haven't read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, seen it performed, or watched the Tim Roth and Gary Oldman movie, it's amazing. Highly recommended.

Thomas @ Tue Jun 28 16:42:18 2005 EST

I've seen R&G. Performed bits of it myself. I've just never seen any of Stoppard's other work, so I'm not really sure what to think.

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