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The Happiness of the Katakuris

Original entry posted: Fri Feb 24 14:35:59 2006

Corvus @ Fri Feb 24 07:18:48 2006 EST

A definite head scratcher. We found ourselves laughing more out of disbelief than anything else.

Did you watch the special features? Miike seemed to think it all pretty funny. unless the special features were a send up as well...

I noticed Audition on the shelves of Video Kink the other day and was curious. Perhaps I'll pick it up.

Thomas @ Fri Feb 24 08:52:59 2006 EST

I didn't get a chance to see the special features. Too bad I already put it back in the envelope.

Audition is fantastic. Highly recommended--with the caveat that it will (in the last half hour) change from a black comedy to an extremely uncomfortable thriller/horror flick. You need a fairly strong stomach, I think.

Brinstar @ Fri Feb 24 09:35:59 2006 EST

I saw Audition the other day, actually. It was pretty good, though I was expecting more gratuitous torture. Maybe Blockbuster just stocks a cut version?

Thomas @ Fri Feb 24 10:00:39 2006 EST

Maybe. I'm also phobic about needles, so perhaps it's just me.

Raven @ Mon Feb 27 09:50:20 2006 EST

Haven't seen this one BUT the original Korean version "The Quiet Family" was a real charmer which managed to cross culture lines with great, deadpan humor.

Thomas @ Mon Feb 27 10:12:11 2006 EST

It's a remake?

That's interesting.

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