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Rayne O'er Me

Original entry posted: Mon Jan 22 12:52:09 2007

Lucretius @ Sun Jan 21 00:07:37 2007 EST

Brilliant. And, echoed in voice.

pseudonymous @ Mon Jan 22 07:52:09 2007 EST

"Touche, tasteless NBC producers."

You mean, you watched this on network TV?

Thomas @ Mon Jan 22 08:16:50 2007 EST

NBC owns Sci Fi.

Josh @ Mon Jan 22 10:16:10 2007 EST

Whew, for a second there I thought Boll might have made serious cash on this ... but I don't think Sci Fi pays much for the same kind of slot they can replace with "Mansquito".

Although it's sad to think that this might have been a step down from that...

Were I stil a Tivo user, I totally would have taped it just to watch when The Girl couldn't mock me for it.

Thomas @ Mon Jan 22 11:55:54 2007 EST

Hey, Mansquito ruled.

I think they're going to be replaying it for a while. It was on again Sunday before Final Destination.

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