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Snakes, Planes, and Automobiles

Original entry posted: Fri Oct 5 17:37:39 2007

Troy Goodfellow @ Fri Oct 5 19:55:11 2007 EST

Amazing coincidence. The two heads of New Line pictures were on Charlie Rose last night and one of them cited SoaP as a surprising disappointment.

Apparently it was intended to be PG-13, but because of the internet audience clamoring to hear Jackson yell about mf-ing snakes, they added a line that bumped it to an R.

Said the exec, "Of course, we don't know how many of those internet fans we listened to were 12 years old and unable to see the movie in the first place."

Thomas @ Tue Oct 9 05:59:29 2007 EST

Ladies and gentlemen, your entertainment elite!

"We didn't know they were only twelve." Someone get that man an Xbox Live account.

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