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Movie? What movie?

Original entry posted: Tue Jul 12 17:02:29 2005

Chan @ Tue Jul 12 13:02:29 2005 EST

Reviewing movies has to be a pretty sweet gig, but whenever I watch these guys on late night tv or see their books at Borders, I think "am I suppose to respect these guys?"

I don't get it, really. How does one find the right critic for one's self? Am I more a Roger Ebert kind of movie watcher or a Leonard Maltin movie watcher? What if I was a Gene Siskel kind of guy?

At best, though, these guys are just talking about movies. I've taken to for my movie source. Sometimes I'll read a paragraph or two... sometimes I'll read the whole thing, conclusion included (note: I'm glad I didn't see Fantastic Four this weekend and it doesn't look like I'll have to bother with Wedding Crashers either).

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