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Movie Review: Six String Samurai

Original entry posted: Wed Sep 21 03:29:02 2005

sexy french librarian @ Tue Sep 20 23:29:02 2005 EST

this is the most fun I've had from a Netflix rental in a while.
you seem to have forgotten about the cinematic work of art that we viewed just a couple of weeks ago, titled CRUEL INTENTIONS DOS.

Thomas @ Tue Sep 20 23:33:49 2005 EST

Oh, too true! How could I forget the masterwork that was Roger Kumble's CI2?

Myke @ Wed Sep 21 00:34:00 2005 EST

I couldn't agree more regarding your comment about "Once Upon A Time in Mexico." Complete speghetti western - but with dirt bikes riding into the sunset and remote controlled guitar cases that explode on command.

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