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High Tension

Original entry posted: Wed Sep 20 16:32:19 2006

Josh @ Wed Sep 20 11:56:22 2006 EST

Wow. A movie that opens up a plot hole and throws the gore of Audition through it?

That does sound most painful.

I watched Audition after a co-worker kept talking about scary and good it was supposed to be. When I came in the morning after watching it, all scarred and disturbed ... he asked, "So how was it?"


Thomas @ Wed Sep 20 12:32:19 2006 EST

I liked Audition, even wrote a largely positive review of it for the Washington Asia Press. From what I've seen, I think it's Miike's best work--but I had to turn away for several scenes. I would never recommend it to anyone that I didn't think had an incredibly high threshold for gore. Even then, it calls for a long, detailed explanation of just how disturbing it really is.

Josh @ Wed Sep 20 14:29:52 2006 EST

Yeah, I can't say it was bad. It was well done.

I just can't recommend to anyone with a hundred warnings. :|

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