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The Wrath of Retcon

Original entry posted: Thu Jan 18 13:45:12 2007

Josh @ Wed Jan 17 12:43:11 2007 EST

I would have liked more realism, less gadgetry and a bit more Kirk-esque adventuring as well. They kind of jumped into the teleporters and phasers too quickly for my taste.

I was never a big Trekkie. I tried to watch Voyager, but then it turned into the Jeri Ryan Wears Tight Pants Show.

For me, Enterprise got a lot better when Manny Coto took the helm. Even if it falls off your Tivo, I can't recommend the episodes which brings back the "Evil Enterprise" universe more. Truly great TV there.

Thomas @ Wed Jan 17 15:52:40 2007 EST

At the frantic pace they're going (what's with four in a single night, Sci-Fi? Spread it out a little!), those should show up in about 6 months. I'll keep an eye out.

Josh @ Thu Jan 18 08:45:12 2007 EST

I think it's about the fourth or so to the last of the episodes and it was at least a two parter.

Thomas @ Thu Jan 18 09:25:59 2007 EST

Yeah, I found it on TWoP. They described it as "The show is cancelled, and then they decide to write great episodes?"

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