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Great Moments in Nonviolence

Original entry posted: Wed Sep 17 14:41:41 2008

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Sep 19 11:50:34 2008 EST

And yet the thing about Albert is that his relentless nastiness is itself a form of violence! His abdication of physical violence is sweet and all, but weirdly categorically-specific, since he commits constant acts of loveless cruelty every time he opens his mouth.

It is, however, a great scene, even if I do wish the show had paid Badalamenti for a few more pieces of music, so we wouldn't have the same damn cue over and over again.

Thomas @ Fri Sep 19 12:04:02 2008 EST

I didn't think of this until after I'd posted this up, but doesn't he also try to punch the town doctor during an autopsy in season one?

In a lot of ways, what's great about Albert's gags is that they're such good traditional comedy setups, in a show where the usual sense of humor is either extremely corny slapstick or elaborate straight-man embrace of the bizarre.

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