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Original entry posted: Wed Jan 20 15:39:09 2010

pseudo @ Wed Jan 20 11:59:28 2010 EST's still kind of hard to understand how the ragtag fleet maintains such flawless fitness and perfect skin on a diet of algae and moonshine.

It's also hard to believe how people overlooked the fact that this was a clear indicator that they were Cylons.

Thomas @ Wed Jan 20 12:29:10 2010 EST

"No, don't put me in the airlock! I swear, I just have a good complexion. It runs in my family! I've been hoarding anti-acne medication! We ran out of chocolate three months ago! NOT A CYLON!" clunk-whoosh-aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee...

pseudo @ Wed Jan 20 12:52:10 2010 EST

"Sir, we found this in her locker!"

"Wow, that is a lot of Proactiv."

"Yeah, it is... what's with the airlock?"

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Sat Jan 23 09:54:29 2010 EST

Ah god, The IT Crowd is terrible. One great thing about Netflix On Demand, with its vast repository of English telly, has been that it's cured me forever of my belief that British programming is inherently better. MI-5... brrrrrrr!

Thomas @ Sat Jan 23 10:53:33 2010 EST

Absolutely. And no need to burn a disc to find these things out: I watched Red Dwarf for the first time via streaming a while back, and immediately filed it under "awful British comedy the appeal of which completely eludes me." Kind of a relief, actually.

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