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Television Week, Part 4: Generation Shift

Original entry posted: Fri Oct 13 04:00:00 2006

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Fri Oct 13 15:37:20 2006I always had problems with the away team. That's one of the reasons why "Galaxy Quest" is so brilliant. Crewman #6. Awesome.

Josh @ Fri Oct 13 11:53:56 2006 EST

Star Trek always seemed to conflict with itself. Utopian economy - militaristic lifesytle. Diverse culture - women generally in skimpy pants (don't even get me started on Seven of Nine). Amazingly advanced technology - still lots of drudgery and everything breaks down in bizarre ways.

I think the show needs a few years off and let someone truly revive it. I wish I had the time or energy to hunt down this post for a writer who left Voyager because he didn't like how BnB handled it. Some of his overarching ideas (like what would the characters really do when parted from connections with the military HQ) were excellent.

Thomas @ Fri Oct 13 12:13:08 2006 EST

That writer was Ronald Moore, creator of the new Battlestar Galactica.

Panda McGee @ Fri Oct 13 13:02:57 2006 EST

The computer going horribly awww-ree? Oh my!

pseudonymous @ Fri Oct 13 15:29:56 2006 EST

"Man, this show was cheesy."

There was one episode where Picard was revered as a god by some Bronze Age Vulcans that mistake him for their overseer. They almost kill Troi to please "The Picard." I thought, wow, I never thought that you could hit someone over the head with secular humanism, but there you go.

Thomas @ Fri Oct 13 16:30:10 2006 EST

Who was it used to do a routine about the Redshirts?

"Form an away team: Spock, Bones, Scotty, and ...Johnson."

"Sir! Johnson's dead!"

"What killed him, doctor!"

"Dammit, Jim! That's easy: he was an extra!"

Josh @ Sat Oct 14 18:41:00 2006 EST

That was Moore??

Oh wow. The world actually makes a little more sense to me now.

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