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Television Week: Well, More Like A Day

Original entry posted: Wed Aug 29 15:03:26 2007

Dan @ Thu Aug 30 11:25:21 2007 EST

Oh, television.

HBO is kind of over for me. No more Six Feet Under, no more Sopranos. Entourage just doesn't do it for me. And few people seemed to like John From Cincinnati.

Showtime, though, is where it's at. Dexter is great. And I just finished the first season of Weeds, which is a great addition to the dark comedy/drama pack that the pay-for-me cable channels are known for.

Johnny Pi @ Fri Sep 7 06:11:53 2007 EST

The Closer wasn't as good in the beginning, where they had to do the whole "she's a woman in authority and these guys hate that" routine (I don't think they could've dodged it, but it wasn't fun to watch). Now that the team has gelled around covering up for the chief while she works her magic it's a lot better.

Eureka's another one I've watched since the beginning. I'd recommend seeing the whole thing, if only because they do have an epic arc that isn't always obvious in individual episodes.

I'd recommend The 4400 (get the first 3 seasons and watch them if you haven't). It's in the same vein as Heroes, but better in every way (it just lacks the flash). It's also much more subtle in its portrayal of the "ordinary people with awesome abilities." Heroes is Golden Age while 4400 is Alan Moore (well, maybe it's not that good, but it is good).

Thomas @ Fri Sep 7 07:30:53 2007 EST

I've got the 4400 in the Netflix queue, but it hasn't quite made its way to the top yet. Someone else had recommended it. It's always such a hassle catching up late in the game though.

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