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Burying Caesar

Original entry posted: Mon Apr 23 18:37:55 2007

wheat @ Mon Apr 23 14:37:55 2007 EST

I think I read Bob Moog (the famous synth creator) making a similar argument not long back. He argued that, in the future, more people would be involved in recording music but fewer people would be professional musicians.

That's really full circle, when you think about it. People used to play music to entertain themselves. At some point, we handed music creation over to the music industry and contented ourselves with being consumers of a very glossy product. You see where that's gotten us.

So I'd welcome any return to DYI as the status quo. Recording your own demo on a DAW and sharing it on teh internets isn't the same thing as banging out blues with your friends on the back porch or playing gospel tunes on the family piano, but it's a lot closer than trading money for radio-friendly unit shifters.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 24 13:52:57 2007 EST

That's exactly right. And I've felt that myself--it feels good to put something up, no matter how rough it is, as long as it's musical and it's mine.

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