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What Plugs To Pull

Original entry posted: Mon Mar 17 19:46:08 2008

pseudonymous @ Tue Mar 18 06:54:42 2008 EST

"With the lights out it's less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now
Entertain us"

Sums up the generation that created it, and the genre it created.

Thomas @ Tue Mar 18 12:54:58 2008 EST

Good one.

Deserving of possible inclusion:

"I'm getting wise,
And I'm feeling so bohemian like you
It's you that I want, so please
Just a casual, casual easy thing.
Is it? It is for me."

I can never tell if that one's a brilliant moment of self-awareness or just another wise-ass joke song.

DWJ @ Wed Mar 19 09:08:22 2008 EST

Two lines from two Taking Back Sunday songs, of the angry-emo-punkish genre:

Head Club: "I'm sick of writing every song about you"

Great Romances of the 21st Century: "If it's not keeping you up nights, then what's the point?"

I've never come across anything that so thoroughly encapsulates the "I'm mad you left me and going to whine about it" p.o.v.

Any Dashboard Confessional line ever works for the "I'm Sad you left me and going to whine about it" p.o.v.
See "Saints and Sailors":
"And I'm throwing away the letters that I am writing you
Cause they would never do,
I would never do."

That's some pathetic shit.

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