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Original entry posted: Wed Aug 22 17:02:47 2007

Geoff @ Mon Jun 16 10:54:54 2008 EST

Thanks for the review. I am using Cubase LE and was thinking about a switch to GB but not after reading this.

Does anyone know why LE will not support 'Direct Monitoring' with Presonus Firepod? (the option is 'greyed out')

Thomas @ Mon Jun 16 11:20:35 2008 EST

Some drivers don't support the direct monitoring mode. It's not a big deal, it just means that Cubase has some control over the hardware's direct monitor feature. The Firepod (if it's anything like my Firebox unit) doesn't have a direct monitoring option, so Cubase can't control it.

Geoff @ Mon Jun 16 12:01:56 2008 EST

Thomas. Thanks for the fast answer. It seems odd that the unit is equipped with 8 outputs that must have DA converters connected to the internal buss and yet I cannot patch them to a thro' mode. All I am trying to do is live recording and use an external mixer for main and monitor. I can 'fudge' this if I have to by mixing a second mix in Cubase and sending this to a second pair of outputs but this is a hassel. The Presonus manual is no help and Cubase LE does suggest a hardware support issue. Not a big deal as you say but a product hole. I cannot find any info in the Presonus Fora.

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