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Original entry posted: Tue Mar 17 21:42:55 2009

wheat @ Tue Mar 17 15:37:09 2009 EST

Like you, I'm a fan of Line 6. Their TonePort UX2 and GearBox (and/or Pod Farm) modeling software puts a wealth of power into my stingy hands. And, with a set of headphones, lets me record while my son sleeps.

I'm picky about bass sounds and less picky about guitar sounds. Line 6 models my live sound accurately and gives me other options I would have never considered and could never afford otherwise.

A guitarist friend whose opinion matters to me said, of Line 6, "it's fake. It's good fake, but it's fake." I would submit that, for most hobbyists, many semi-pros, and some pros as well, good fake is good enough.

Thomas @ Tue Mar 17 16:25:02 2009 EST

Absolutely. At some level it's all fake anyway: it's not like we're playing acoustic instruments here.

Looking for info while writing this, I found this SoS article about Line 6 that's pretty interesting. Apparently they even model the different AC frequencies of UK vs. US amps during power sag situations. Hardcore!

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