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Wild Young Hearts

Original entry posted: Wed Aug 5 17:01:41 2009

Dan @ Fri Aug 7 10:29:34 2009 EST

I guess it all comes down to what you prefer, but I love the new album's pop direction. And I do think it's an overstatement to say that Shingai is anywhere near Gwen Stefani on the pop scale -- she's still a pretty singular performer and voice.

Nothing on the new record has the snarl of Don't Give Up (to date, their best track), but I was pretty happy to see them fully embrace their pop side. The new record is much more diverse than Mr. Wolf, it'd be a shame to limit them to the more aggressive and high energy stuff.

Thomas @ Fri Aug 7 10:58:10 2009 EST

Well, we do have REALLY different musical tastes, so I'm not surprised.

I don't think I'd have a problem with branching out if I thought they were terribly good at it--The Yeah Yeah Yeahs did something similar with It's Blitz, after all, and that's a great album. My problem with Wild Young Hearts is not the shift so much as that I don't think it was successful.

I wouldn't say that there's a direct vocal comparison to Stefani. The change from last album to this reminded me strongly of the change in sound from No Doubt to her solo material. But it was, perhaps, a poor choice for a throwaway line.

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