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Now that's a bassist

Original entry posted: Thu Jan 4 17:45:38 2007

Lucretius @ Thu Jan 4 12:45:38 2007 EST

Oooo, get the DVD of the "rock-umentary" (oh, how I loathe that word) 'The Kids Are Alright' They have a bonus where you can hear just the track of Entwhistle during two songs (I think) in a concert. I think the option is called "The Ox" (based on his knickname). It's wild!

Thomas @ Thu Jan 4 12:48:37 2007 EST

It's on Youtube, if you know what to look for. Someone posted it to the Lowdown a while back. They got that because the director realized that he didn't have any good concert footage of a few songs (5:15?), so he staged a show on a soundstage just for the movie.

What's funny is the reaction from a lot of the other bassists, who thought it was sloppy until they saw the version with the full band, and realized that the Ox was just about the only thing keeping them together.

It is a shame that I don't own The Kids Are Alright, though.

Lucretius @ Thu Jan 4 18:25:42 2007 EST

I used to notice that. Even in their early stuff, they had a full sound, because he filled in the unsightly gaps, nauturally. It made the ensemble much more powerful. That and the explosions. ;-)

In fact, as a counter to John's good technique, that's what I didn't like about Cream's bassist (Jack Brown? IIRC) He wanted to be a soloist too often, and let down the band when it needed solid fill time, especially in live performances. At least in my opinion. He was very good, damn good, but too good for the band's good. The overall effect was slightly weaker than it could have been. Or something like that...I dunno...

wheat @ Fri Jan 5 12:53:44 2007 EST

He's one of the first bassists that really opened up my ears to what can be done with the instrument. He could hold it together but wasn't afraid of the upper registers either. He had amazing technique for a player of his generation. And, well, he rocked. He rocked hard.

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