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KT Tunstall loops live

Original entry posted: Wed Jul 26 18:55:49 2006

Jeff @ Wed Jul 26 14:55:49 2006 EST

I've seen her loop live on VH1 and on DirecTV's free music channel, and it's pretty impressive. It reminds me a lot of how Jamie Lidell loops his voice and guttural noises when he performs live. His live act is hands-down one of the most mind-blowingly original things I have ever been witness to.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 26 15:50:57 2006 EST

It's hard to tell from what I can find of Lidell's, but I guess his stuff is more DJ-oriented?

Jeff @ Wed Jul 26 16:03:17 2006 EST

It's a very interesting mix of electronic and old soul music. He has a great voice when he actually sings, but it's an almost unclassifiable sound that he has live. There is a lot of beat boxing that is looped, along with humming noises, singing, and Bobby McFerrin styled vocal weirdness too. His album, "Multiply Additions", features some live tracks along with some remixes.

There is some live stuff featured on this AOL Music page, and I have seen torrents of some of his shows available. I have one burned to CD somewhere, if you'd like to check out a copy.

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