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Original entry posted: Tue Mar 6 03:52:58 2007

Josh @ Mon Mar 5 15:30:37 2007 EST

A bartender friend of mine once noted that all three bottles of whiskey - which they sold in range from well to premium - were in fact all filled with Jim Beam regularly.

They'd never receieved a complaint.

For a culture with such an addiction to goods and markets - we have a lousy sense of quality.

Lucretius @ Mon Mar 5 18:34:11 2007 EST

I'm probably the protagnoist of this conflict/issue (if it really is one, but without an organized "other" side, I suppose it's not). I have an mp3-player. That's it. Got it as a gift. Creative Zen Sleek Photo. It's nice, but I import and listen to everything in m4a format...on my compy. I can't play them on my Zen, though! D:<

I do convert them to 192-328kps mp3s though. Best I can do. :/

Thomas @ Mon Mar 5 22:52:58 2007 EST

Won't it play .wav?

Lucretius @ Wed Mar 7 00:08:02 2007 EST

Tempermentally. It has a penchant for rejecting every other one. I think it plays .wma files too, but whoopdy-freakin'-doo...I really am just waiting for an iPod. Sure, I'll feel a bit like a tool, but you can't beat the sound quality.

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