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They All Have Abandoned Their Hopes

Original entry posted: Fri Oct 27 14:29:58 2006

Jeff @ Fri Oct 27 10:24:25 2006 EST

While there are some good points made, I don't think the issue is that black and white (ew, points deducted for the bad pun).

The lead singer of Bloc Party is black, and TV on the Radio is one of my favorite bands (and one of the most innovative) in recent memory. Sure, there may not be many, but I think they are out there (right, Scully?).

Thomas @ Fri Oct 27 10:29:58 2006 EST

I wasn't familiar with those two. Good examples--but are they really being given airplay?

I should really listen to the radio every now and then.

Jeff @ Fri Oct 27 10:44:51 2006 EST

They are immensely popular in music blogs, the Internets in general, and the "indie" scene. I don't know how much that translates to radio airplay, but I'm certain they are darlings of college radio (and "deeper" shows on typical stations too).

Thomas @ Fri Oct 27 10:59:21 2006 EST

I worry, because those are/were both true for Fishbone and Bad Brains. If the article's thesis is correct, that musicianship can form a real social benefit, being played on the indie media doesn't seem sufficient to spawn a lot of new black rock bands. It can't compete with hip-hop that way.

On the other hand, hip-hop has to sample something, I guess.

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