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It Rubs the Lotion On Its Skin

Original entry posted: Mon Apr 16 12:53:48 2007

Lucretius @ Sun Apr 15 11:15:15 2007 EST

Reminds me of my days working as a moderator in a forum. I simply couldn't understand people who posted messages and questions that looked as thought they were written by a two years old who was under pressure. You'd think you could take the extra couple of minutes to check what you wrote and make sure it is halfway intelligable. "I am a 40 don't act it usually." Sure but is 13 the better alternative? Hell, my 12 year old cousin would have been doing better than that. 0_o

Panda McGee @ Mon Apr 16 08:37:30 2007 EST

The lupus is killing off the stock!

Thomas @ Mon Apr 16 08:53:48 2007 EST

Don't worry! This Numo can kill a lupus within ten metrons, if you hit it just right!

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