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Original entry posted: Fri Aug 7 16:24:05 2009

pseudonymous @ Fri Aug 7 15:52:35 2009 EST

"...thirty seconds of indian steps and then stagger around the room gasping for air."

Served! Served! Served! Served!

Thomas @ Fri Aug 7 21:54:12 2009 EST

Seriously, man. Worst. B-boy. Ever.

Jeff @ Mon Aug 10 13:05:30 2009 EST

I'm envious. I would love to muster up the courage to go to a class. I watched too many episodes of 'Beef' this weekend. The segment about Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee was very eye-opening. You don't realize how such a seemingly small gesture had this huge rippling effect throughout the culture.

Thomas @ Mon Aug 10 13:41:49 2009 EST

You should give it a shot! My teacher says that the hardest part is getting the rhythm down, although my aching joints don't necessarily agree.

There's so much interesting stuff that I'm unaware of coming into this--that clip being just a small example. I've never really been a big consumer of hip-hop before, in any way. So it's definitely been educational. I'm just trying not to turn it into a kind of cultural tourism.

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