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Breakin' 2

Original entry posted: Tue Aug 18 17:51:43 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Aug 18 18:57:29 2009 EST

That YouTube could influence hiphop seems not all utopian---it's just the case. Inner-city kids *do* use the internet---any public library here in Brooklyn is full pretty much all day with kids from the projects using YouTube, Facebook, and various forums; it'd be surprising if it *didn't* have any influence.

And YouTube is plenty full of the products of inner-city kids, ranging from dance videos like the Aunt Jackie to the detritus of gang warfare (there was a murder case recently where the major piece of evidence was a dealer bragging on YouTube about bumping off his corner-sales rival).

It's true that dance lessons seem to be coming from several steps remove, but I think that has a lot to do with the fiercely competitive nature of dancing in poor communities the world over---if you can't pick it up by watching, then there's not a lot of interest in making things more accessible.

Thomas @ Tue Aug 25 14:21:27 2009 EST

More Than A Stance has a really interesting set of interviews on this: Bridging The Gap

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