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Chips and Salsa

Original entry posted: Tue Jun 7 21:40:07 2005

belle @ Tue Jun 7 13:14:54 2005 EST

I'm sure the resulting cognitive chaos bore some resemblance to a thorazine-addled octopus.

but a very, very sexy octopus, at that.

Madmunk @ Tue Jun 7 17:38:42 2005 EST

oh, good lord, get a chat room.

Madmunk @ Tue Jun 7 17:40:07 2005 EST

seriously, though, it's cute. i'm assuming you're the nerdlet? why nerdlet?

Thomas @ Wed Jun 8 00:06:34 2005 EST

Belle has asked me to respond, since talking to other people here frightens her on a deep and primal level. used to be her personal webpage, but it lapsed shortly after we met. I thought it was a cute nickname, so I refuse to let it die.

And she did just proudly beat Super Mario 3, so it's not like it's entirely inappropriate.

Madmunk @ Wed Jun 8 10:21:21 2005 EST

My apologies, Belle, for scaring you on a "deep and primal level."

My congratulations on your SM3 victories.

Speaking of SM3, there's a video on this page of somebody conquering the game inside 11 minutes.

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