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B-Boy Year One: A Bad Beginning

Original entry posted: Wed Jul 7 18:05:24 2010

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Thu Jul 8 10:37:27 2010I've given it a chance, I still don't much care for it. In much the same way, I'm sure there are genius Country and Western artists, but I'll never know.

Matt @ Thu Jul 8 09:49:14 2010 EST

I still think you should give jazz a chance. Just like any type of genre there are the good and the bad musicians.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Jul 8 20:41:24 2010 EST

Wow---I'm actually kinda shocked that jazz does nothing for someone with such an intricate musical knowledge. The Diz & Bird record? John Coltrane's A Love Supreme? Charles Mingus' Ah Um?

I do think Birth of the Cool is wildly overrated, though.

Thomas @ Fri Jul 9 06:47:38 2010 EST

What can I say? As a musician I can appreciate the virtuosity, but it's just not my cup of tea right now. Maybe some day I'll develop a taste for it.

Ironically, at the same book club, I had to defend jazz against the accusation that it's an "elitist, over-intellectual" form of music, as if it had, Athena-like, sprung wholly-formed from a San Francisco Starbucks. People have short memories, apparently.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Sat Jul 10 19:21:33 2010 EST

Pass on your e-mail address some time (you have it via the comments box, I assume?) and I'll send you some MP3s for future consideration.

Thomas @ Sat Jul 10 20:11:10 2010 EST

My address is on the right rail. Looking forward to it.

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