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Open Mike Snapshots: Superstar

Original entry posted: Thu Jan 26 16:52:15 2006

Corvus @ Thu Jan 26 11:38:58 2006 EST

How interesting. Do you get the sense Bentley has developmental difficulties?

Thomas @ Thu Jan 26 11:52:15 2006 EST

Not in the sense of any retardation. I think he's just a private person who's not comfortable on stage, and he deals with it by basically shutting down. You get the feeling that there's some complicated dynamic for why he's up in the first place, since he seems so unhappy to be there.

I've seen several people grow and become more comfortable onstage at this open mike, which I want to write about later. Maybe eventually it'll work for Bentley, too. I hope so.

Corvus @ Thu Jan 26 12:37:02 2006 EST

It'd be interesting to see how he'd do if his dad weren't there, if he'd even show up...

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