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Original entry posted: Mon Jan 8 20:14:31 2007

Johnny Pi @ Mon Jan 8 15:14:31 2007 EST

Meant to offer my comments on this earlier. Think this is my favorite of your tracks so far. Lyrically and musically. Those bass chords sound great (I'm assuming they're bass) - guitarists usually don't get a sound that thick without grabbing a seven-string or dropping down an octave. And most distorted bass I've heard is a muddy mess - yours is tight.

Now, the criticism. The rhythmic palm-muting in the background sounds slightly off - a little too tense, like your wrist isn't relaxed enough. Also, there's a slight pause at the end of the phrasing (tikka-tikka tick tick) but feels like it should just be continuous (tikka-tikka tikka-tikka) - hope that's not gibberish. Only other thing is that the vocals are way too out front . . . the bass stuff is mixed well together, but I can't push the volume up without the voice being way too loud.

Keep 'em coming.

Thomas @ Mon Jan 8 15:44:14 2007 EST

All good criticisms. The vocal thing is overcompensating--my first shot at this mix sounded great in the cans, but on real speakers the voice was buried. For the rhythm track, I actually triggered the loop a little late, and that's why both the muted notes and the slap rhythms don't gel. I'd hoped that it would be less noticeable once the rest of the instrumentation came in...

Thanks for listening!

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