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World Music

Original entry posted: Thu Aug 3 04:00:00 2006

pseudonymous @ Thu Aug 3 16:27:05 2006 EST

I suggest Toto's "Africa" and anything by Europe or Asia. There's three continents covered for you right there. Too bad you can't use commercial music.

pseudonymous @ Thu Aug 3 16:27:25 2006 EST

The above IS sarcastic.

Thomas @ Thu Aug 3 17:31:34 2006 EST

Which is too bad, because I was totally going to use Chicago for the Middle East.

pseudonymous @ Fri Aug 4 10:47:36 2006 EST

"Maybe I'm just overanalyzing."

Awww, welcome to the club.

alphabitch @ Tue Aug 8 10:29:55 2006 EST

Yeah you are overanalyzing, but on the other hand, you're right that it would be really easy to be inadvertently offensive. Or lame.

Still, it sounds like a really fun project. If it were me, I'd listen to a bunch of stuff from within each region, with particular attention to the scales and harmonies used (or not) and then write a few bits of backgroundy inocuous fluff (welcome! beginning! transition! ending!) and arrange/transpose away.

And some of the "little" percussion instruments (thumb pianos, wind chimes, toy marimbas, etc.) can offer interesting and distinctive sounds. Don't overlook those.

Thomas @ Tue Aug 8 10:30:58 2006 EST

Actually, thumb piano is one of the instruments I really want to use for the Africa region. I'm having trouble finding mine though, so I'm going to have to locate some samples.

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