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Book Review: Guerrilla Home Recording

Original entry posted: Tue Jun 12 17:44:14 2007

wheat @ Tue Jun 12 22:39:23 2007 EST

I hadn't thought of it before, but I'm a total fan of the "screw sound proofing, close mic that cab" method. Once I stopped trying to get room ambience and stopped trying to go direct (removing speakers and mics from the equation, for me, ruins everything), I found I could get a decent sound with minimal effort. Just get the levels right and you're golden.

Thomas @ Tue Jun 12 22:58:13 2007 EST

Exactly. And if you mix through headphones or close monitors, so your control room acoustics stop being a factor, it becomes even easier.

I love modeling so much, though. I think I actually spend less time tweaking in software--I just grab a good sound and go. Easy on my neighbors, too.

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