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The Amateur teaches Pro Tools

Original entry posted: Mon Nov 20 11:09:07 2006

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Mon Nov 20 01:17:14 2006 EST

Sheesh! Speaking as a long-time FCP editor:

1.Vocal ducking is so easy in FCP timeline! You just use the pen too to set your keyframes, and drag. I do a lot of dropping interviews around background music (with loud music on either side of the interview), and it's a breeze to put two keyframes in the music on either side of the interview's beginning, then two keyframes on either side of its end, and then drag the middle bar down. Plus you then retain control in case the music does some big shift while the interview is going.

2.One of the best tools in Soundtrack is the Noise Remover filter. You select a piece of your audio that's all noise, select, I believe, "Set noise print", then select "Remove noise". Up comes a very effective tool for noise reduction, complete with a button that'll let you hear just what you're removing (so you can be sure not to pull out too much voice frequency). It's one of the best things about Soundtrack, and I've gotten great results with it in very little time.

FCP and Soundtrack aren't ProTools, it's true, but I've had great results using them for 90% of what you need to do in day-to-day editing. Tell your editors to RTFM for Soundtrack, and you'll all be happier.

Thomas @ Mon Nov 20 06:09:07 2006 EST

Ha! Tell me about it.

Before I came along, they did vocal ducking using the keyframes, and still do for smaller projects. But since I'm recording voiceovers on the PT machine anyway, it's practically the same amount of time to have me do it there anyway, and it also lets me run a compressor on their soundtrack, since they're not always very good about consistent levels.

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