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Studio B

Original entry posted: Tue Jul 18 12:45:51 2006

Jeff @ Mon Jul 17 12:19:10 2006 EST

/me perks up:

"NES, waiting for me to pick up a midi keyboard and one of those synth cartridges."

What is this you speak of? This sounds like something I could really get into!

Thomas @ Mon Jul 17 12:33:23 2006 EST

Wrote about this a while back, here. It seems to have gotten pretty good reviews, although it has some odd quirks. I'd probably solder it straight to the NES board, myself, to make sure the connection is reliable.

Johnny Pi @ Tue Jul 18 08:45:51 2006 EST

What kind of microphone do you use? I've got something at home, can't remember because I've never hooked it up - it needs phantom power so I bought a mixer, then I found out it also needs a double female cable and I got discouraged/distracted. I think it's a pretty standard cardioid.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 18 09:21:13 2006 EST

I've just got a fairly cheap Senn condenser--I think it's the e825. Some days, I really want something different, and other days I think it's fine and the real problem is my crappy miking technique. Since I'm only tracking vocals and sometimes the bass cab, I've thought about getting a dynamic, but never got around to spending the cash.

Double female cable? That sounds pretty odd. Your mixer should have a female connection and take the male side of a mike cable--what kind did you get?

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