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Musical Sketchpad, Session One

Original entry posted: Tue Feb 28 05:00:00 2006

Thomas @ Tue Feb 28 21:07:09 2006 EST

Yes, I know that the reverb sounds like I recorded it inside my bathroom. I'm thrilled about it because this was recorded straight to the laptop. If I can tone the effects down a bit, learn how to EQ the vocals effectively, this is a step forward. You'll just have to put up with me while I work out the kinks.

Just talkin' to myself again...

Thomas @ Tue Feb 28 22:08:52 2006 EST

...There we go. Little EQ to get rid of the harshness in the distortion, scale back the echo, and it starts to sound--well, decent. I'm no expert engineer yet, that's for sure. And I can't do anything about the glaring technical mistakes in my playing. But it's a start. Just having a little EQ will go a long way.

I'm the only commenter I need, really.

pseudonymous @ Tue Feb 28 22:10:07 2006 EST

You know, feel free to adopt a pseudonym. It's less solipsistic.

Thomas @ Tue Feb 28 22:20:05 2006 EST

Adopt another name to talk to myself? No, that would just be sad.

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